Koh Kut

One of the lesser-known of Thailand’s islands, Koh Kut is the easternmost of the country’s many tropical paradises, and is the quietest due to an almost total lack of nightlife.

Set in TratProvince on the Gulf of Thailand, the island offers breathtaking palm-lined beaches and undeveloped land, with its largest village home to just 300 residents. Infrastructure is basic, with a single concrete road and no banks or ATMs, so getting away from it all comes as standard here.

Unspoilt, natural beauty above and under the sea is what Koh Kut’s all about. Sightseeing is confined to the main village of Ao Salat, home to the ferry terminal, stilted houses built over the water and a few restaurants offering seafood straight from the fishing net.

Ao Yai is a real fishing village offering inexpensive snorkelling and fishing trips, and the impressive tropical jungles include mangrove swamps, 300-year-old macca trees and amazing waterfalls. Scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters is as good as it gets, and kayaking is popular.

The majority of the island’s accommodation comes as spa resorts, although there is budget lodging around Klong Chao. Most hotels and spas close during the rainy season, from June through October, and the high season runs between November and the end of February. Boutique properties are found on deserted bays with stunning views, and beachside bungalows can be found miles from anywhere.

Getting here involves a flight from SuvarnabhumiInternationalAirport to TratAirport, followed by a ferry from Laem Sok pier and a taxi to your accommodation. For a faster trip, there is a speedboat service from the pier which takes up to 90 minutes. The bus from Bangkok links up with the ferry, and the ticket gives free taxi travel to your hotel on the island.

The weather is best in the cool season and very hot during April and May, and much of the island shuts down in the rainy season from June to mid-October.